MusicForEgypt.Com - In Support of People Standing up Peacefully in Tahrir, WALL ST and Accross The Globe - Where We All Have a Voice...
 - Come Together - IT FEELS GOOD!!!
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Mission Statement:
I a 34, a musician from New York Who Wants To Lend A Hand In Changing The World

I built this site because the events that have occurred in Egypt have seriously affected me

I built this site because I am proud of the Egyptian people for standing up, peacefully protesting, and peacefully raising their voices when so many on this globe are afraid to

I built this site because I wrote a song for the Egyptian people, then realized that so many others had done the same, and they must be heard

I built this site because I love music, and art, as much as I do freedom, and I believe they are necessarily interconnected

I built this site because I want to help bring together the people of this world, through art, and music, to support freedom

I built this site because I have a pain in my heart that wont go away until the people of this world are free from dictatorships.

I built this site because YOU MUST BE HEARD, YOUR MUSIC MUST BE HEARD, YOUR ART MUST BE SEEN, and I refuse to stay silent!