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Egypt Revolution from A to Z told by Yasmeen Elwan 
The Beginning ....
Tunisian revolution 2010-2011 , and then the Egyptian People Realized That it's time to revolt ,and here we started ..
first the reasons was torture , violence , unemployment , poverty so ??
we decided which the young to say no more and we want all the world hear us so we said no more,no more silence after this day and this will be the moment to stand against oppression and the Egyptian revolution go unto Pharoah. 
So the first day 25 January the anger day , the police try to seround the Tahrir square and the demonstration continued at night , then the police start crimes , then comes the 4th day January 28 ( friday of anger) 
the goverment cut the internet and Communications to prevent coordination between the protesters in spite of that, people succeed in arranging the demonstrations and they went out to streets in millions .
The police continued their crimes Their was so many Victims but the demonstration continued then the police ran away !!!
The Egyptian army interfered to prevent chaos and protect the country.
Alot of Police stations was burned , the policemen let the criminals steal the public and private property and scare people , they also burned all offices of national democratic party around the country.
Then we waited and waited and waited till mubarak's speech .28 January 
he dissolved his government the next day he appointed omar suliman as a vice president but it was still not enough , army controlled the situation with popular committees then mubarak asked aviation minister ahmed shafik fo form a new governemt which was still not enough for us .. we want change !
Demonstrations continued in rejection of mubarak regime and it was the time for the demonstration of millions , mubrak said that he wont seek Re-Election we didn't wanna hear that , we want him to step down right now !
Then attorney general decided to freeze accounts of ahmed ezz , habib l adley and others , and on the 9th day feb.2 Mubarak supporters went out to the streets in small groups they were riding horses and camels and attack the protesters the protesters grabbed a lot of them the clashes continued at night.
There were police snipers among the strikers!but the protesters resisted and continued in defending about themselves.
More thugs captured with police ID by protesters and on the friday of departure army prevented the thugs to access to the protesters more than a million protesters muslims have performed friday prayer , christians protected them and the demonstrations became stronger .
Feb 6 ,7 ,8 , 9 and its time for ... (( waiting day ))
All the world agencies announced mubarak will step down over million people gathered in tahrir square mubarak last speech , he disappointed everyone and he refused to step down and announced passing authority to the vice presedent the protesters shouted at one moment " Leave Leave " and the revolution continues and on the ( Friday of callenge )over 2 million people gathered in tahrir square in the largest gathering for Friday prayer and at the Presidental Palace in cairo and alexandria had been surrounded by protesters it was the time for " The Decisive Moment" Mubarak steps down! the armed forces will rule the country .. Here comes the our rights here comes our freedom everyone was happy everyone was crying our dream became true we couldn't believe it we were all crying , happy , and celebrating that the game was over Muabarak stepped down and ended the corrupt regime which ruled the country over 30 years by oppression and agian and again our dream became true people won and the 25 of January revolution succeeded that was initaited by young and became a great popular revolution this great triamph belongs to allah then our martyrs i just wanna say to all the people who died to save our country you will always stay in our hearts we will never forget what ypu have done to us and to our country.
And in the end i just want to say one word " I'm Proud to be an Egyptian Girl And God Bless our Country forever "