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Poetry For Libya - Poetry For Freedom

A Poem Submitted By Jillian Mukavetz of Denver Colorado USA

our old friend
real picks a fight in the train yard
is not a mere happening. it converses in order for flight
(and the stand to fight)
for love
the hand is made
to strum chords
being aimed towards the mind
or rather
the rubber band of self
it self made home wandering
away from fool stories of lies

A Poem Submitted by Ruerd Visser of Friesland (North of Holland)

For all those that seek to free themselves:
Rattling the cages, that kept us imprisoned for ages.
Finding the key, to set us free.
So we may not only dare to stretch our wings. But also fly away, carried by the wind,
whom brings us wherever we need to be.
Bringing joy and happiness for all to see!
The Boomking a free bird

A poem for the people of Bahrain:
Submitted By:  Caco3 - does not know the true identity of who submitted this, we wish that we did, it is a BEAUTIFUL piece never the less. 

The day circles became squares, inspired by Afars’ flares

The day hearts met spades, fired from the cowardly brigades

The day pearls became stimuli sealing all reguli

The day doctors became (the people’s) soldiers, carried on our shoulders

The day ambulances became tanks, shielding unarmed flanks

The day bravery became Bahrain, galant they were slain

The day (lulu’s) dhows became symbols, of the six valiant thimbles 

The day molotovs became flowers, thrown to the powers

The day dreams became agendas, put to referenda

The day love (of country) transcended, and articles were amended 

Poem By Mohamed Karim El Sawy
Country: UK
Title:  The Yearning of Egyptian Diaspora

On a quiet Sunday evening I roam the lonely streets of Manchester reflecting...
Reflecting upon the glorious revolution of the people of Egypt that no words can give justice to...
Feelings of pride are over-shadowed by feelings of home sickness and awe
It hurts me that you know that I left you in search of a better future
It hurts me that you know that I left you thinking that what you had to offer to was not enough...
I never thought the day would come when I would feel so imprisoned and crippled...
Locked between the walls of my apartment watching your people being liberated
You have given your people a sense unity and pride and a promise of a prosperous days ahead
You have taught the entire world about freedom, sacrifice and dignity
Hours and days stand still and it feels that the years that stands between us are more like decades and generations
Forgive me for leaving you when you needed me most as I swear I will work hard and pray to be re-united with your streets
Egypt I am very proud of you and I hope that one day you will be proud of me too...

Poem By Mariam Fayez
Country: Egypt
City      : Cairo
Title      : Poem for Egypt 

We won't give up and we won't go back again,
Long live Egypt
We won't abandon anything
Long live Egypt
Our human rights is all we want
Long live Egypt
Social justice and some bread to eat
Long live Egypt

We will no longer be quite and hide what we think,
Enough injustice and poverty
and enough of what's been done to us
Long live Egypt
and long live freedom
A Revolution until victory
in Egypt, mother of the world
Long live Egypt
and long live freedom
Revolution until victory

Egypt's youth is brave
Long live Egypt
And her people are heroes
Long live Egypt
We will not forget the blood of our martyrs
Long live Egypt
Which has given back our pride from the system
Long live Egypt
No more pain, tyranny and corruption
Neither in Egypt or elsewhere
Long live Tunis, Palestine
and arab unity

We build our lives upon dignity
because Egypt is our homeland
And we will build it for our children
Long live Egypt
and long live freedom
Revolution until victory.

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